It's to Jordan Peele's credit that he doesn't even have to be involved as a director in order to pique people's interest in something that they'd otherwise glance over.

The upcoming remake of 'Candyman', for example, will be directed by Nia DeCosta and looks to have an intriguing premise to it, with Jordan Peele overseeing the whole thing as executive producer. It's a similar setup with 'The People Under The Stairs', originally directed by Wes Craven way back when, but will now have Peele overseeing a remake as producer.

Written as a biting and bizarre satire of Reaganism, gentrification, and racism in the US, 'The People Under The Stairs' was a huge hit for Craven and was another notch in his belt as a horror impressario able to weave social themes and issues into scary stories - not unlike Jordan Peele is known for now.

It's likely that the movie will follow the same premise as the original, which saw a group of residents of a LA ghetto decide to rob a house belonging to a bizarre landlord couple who call themselves Mommy and Daddy, and have cannibalistic children living in their walls. Yeah, it's... a lot.

Anyway, Collider's exclusive on the remake doesn't name any director attached as of yet, but it seems unlikely that Jordan Peele will take up directing on this one. Going by how 'Candyman' went, his strategy seems to be rather about handing the seat over to either an underrated or up-and-coming director than trying to take it for himself.

Either way, expect this one to be pretty interesting whenever it hits cinemas. Here's the original's trailer.