Next March sees the eagerly-awaited release of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and, already, plot points are starting to leak out.

Although some points have been covered in the main trailer, we've now got some idea as to what the opening scene will look like, thanks in part to Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck basically spilling the beans.

If you saw Man of Steel, you'll remember how Superman and General Zod basically destroyed half of Metropolis in their final battle. The scene caused a huge amount of controversy because, well, there was absolutely no repercussions from it whatsoever. That's until now.

If you don't want to know, you'd better look away now.




Still here? OK, here's what Cavill had to say. "What happens there is one of Bruce’s buildings gets destroyed and he’s trying to save all the people inside the building and he can’t. So he is this angry person who fears what Superman may do. Why are they just going to trust this super-powered alien? What if he does decide to turn against us?"

Affleck weighed in on this scene, too, and how it essentially motivates Batman to suit up again. "As Affleck describes it, Bruce Wayne has "found himself in a place of harboring a tremendous amount of rage for Superman. So it’s how he got there, and what that’s done to him, and what that’s done to people around him like Alfred, who are, I think, very scared and worried for him. It’s something that’s interesting and new."

In fairness, this makes a lot of sense. For one, that final battle sequence in Man of Steel was just absolutely bonkers and the amount of collateral damage had to have a consequence. It just did. It's been a thing in superhero movies where half a city gets destroyed and nobody seems to make much about it.

The only film we've seen that's addressed it as such is Guardians of the Galaxy and that was literally when they said the city was evacuated. Every other one, there was mass destruction and probably mass loss of life, but nobody cared.

Not only that, it's as good a motivation as any for Bruce Wayne to become Batman again. After all, we know that Ben Affleck's take on the character will more older, more cynical and less idealistic than other versions we've seen. The question is why he'd still be Batman after all that time? He wouldn't, so his arc is all about returning to Batman for all the wrong reasons.

If you go back and look at Man of Steel and compare the trailer to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you can actually see the same scene. Here's a quick .gif to explain it.


What do you think? Does it make sense? Are you excited for Batman v Superman? Let us know in the comments!


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