Nicholas Sparks' tear-jerker novel, which was turned into a tear-jerker movie, is now being turned into a tear-jerker musical.

Speaking on US television yesterday, American singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson revealed that she's begun work on a musical based on the novel / movie. Michaelson will be joined in writing the musical by Bekah Brunstetter, one of the producers and writers on equally tear-jerking TV series 'This Is Us'.

Details are light, but the assumption is that Michaelson will be writing original songs for the musical rather using existing songs and music featured in the movie.  Nicholas Sparks, who wrote the novel, will also be invovled in the creative team bringing the musical to life.

Despite lacklustre reviews at the time, 'The Notebook' has since gone on to become a culturual phenomenon and helped to launch the careers of Ryan Gosling and Rachel MacAdams, who went on to date each other off-screen for a period of time following the movie's release.

No release date has been set for the musical as of yet, but you just know that production designers around the world are trying to come up with ways of making rain look convincing on a stage.