Searchlight Pictures has released our first look at the thriller starring Rebecca Hall.

We don't know about you, but we are READY for the cinemas to reopen again, especially when it's to watch something that will make us jump. As the country begins to go back to some sort of normality, finger's crossed 'The Night House' will be one such movie.

In the first trailer for the mystery/thriller, we're given a glimpse into one woman's uncovering of her late husband's alarming plan. Following her husband's death, newly-widowed Beth (Rebecca Hall from 'The Town') begins to discover that her partner Owen (Evan Jonigkeit from 'Frontier') had been hiding something rather sinister all these years.

The movie is directed by David Bruckner, who also helmed 'The Ritual' with Rafe Spall and Arsher Ali. He's also lined up to direct the upcoming 'Hellraiser' reboot.

Finger's crossed, with the way things are going, we'll be able to be scared to no end while watching this in Irish cinemas this year. For now, however, 'The Night House' has a "Coming Soon" cinema notice attached to it.

Here's the creepy-as-hell trailer for the movie, which is made all the more mysterious and ominous with that violin track. Watch at your peril.