Listen, if Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis can make digging for oil interesting, there's every chance they can make dressmakers in the '50s interesting.

It's now been confirmed that the two will reunite for a film set in the world of fashion during the 1950s, reteaming the Oscar-winning duo of Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis. The film, which has a budget of $35,000,000, will begin shooting in the new year with an eye towards the Oscars in 2018 for a release date.

As always with these things, details are light on the ground and there's no real telling what it'll be about or who else will be starring in it. Paul Thomas Anderson's previous effort, Inherent Vice, saw him working alongside Joaquin Phoenix, Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin - so there's every possibility he'll be working with some of these again.

As we know, Daniel Day-Lewis is incredibly choosy about what films he does and who he works with, so if he's signing on for this, odds are it's going to be at least interesting. We'll update as soon as we get more information, but in the meantime, let's remind ourselves of just how good There Will Be Blood was.