Despite the best efforts of The Cruiser and his very fast running, it looks like The Mummy is already unravelling before our very eyes.

Although analysts say The Mummy will now likely be the largest weekend opening of Tom Cruise's career - $169.3 million predicted - a lot of this is down to the fact that The Mummy is opening at the same date across the globe, meaning a potential 48,000 screens would be showing the film.

In the US, the first entry of the Dark Universe just isn't making any kind of dent at the box office as Wonder Woman continues to make big waves with audiences through word-of-mouth. According to Deadline's figures, The Mummy is scraping through with just $31.5 million in the US. Put it this way - The Scorpion King made $36 million on its opening weekend, and that was a spinoff of the Brendan Fraser series.

Of course, overseas is where it's at for these kind of blockbuster franchises and sure enough, China appears to be making the lion's share of the global box office for the film. Ireland's box office figures come in on Tuesday, but it's likely it'll be the same tale of woe for the Dark Universe debut.

Meanwhile, rumours of problems on set and in the editing room are now beginning to slip out as the dust begins to settle. Alex Kurtzman, who was moving from the writer's room to the director's chair with The Mummy, was a late replacement for Andy Muscietti - who seemingly walked away citing creative differences. Muscietti is now working on the adaptation of Stephen King's It.

There's more - according to Deadline's sources, Tom Cruise stepped into the editing room in an attempt to save the film, and as we predicted on this week's Movie Show, Mission: Impossible 6 writer / director Christopher McQuarrie was brought into help punch up the script at the eleventh hour.

All this, coupled with largely negative reviews and a nostalgia for Brendan Fraser's iteration, has put The Mummy into the growing category of 2017 blockbuster flops.


Via Deadline