This week marks the last movie show for 2012. Nawww. We hope you've had as much fun watching it as we've had making it. Going out with a bang this week we take a look at some of the best Christmas movies ever, and the best flicks of 2012. Joining me to cover the festive stuff is Spin 1038's Brian Lloyd, under the guise of Santa Claus. Then to share his top three flicks of the year, it's our very own Rory Cashin, sporting quite the yuletide t-shirt.

Though it's not the most family oriented of movies - Michael Fassbender's Shame features on that list. And just as a heads up, the part where we talk about his *whispers* penis has been edited from a combination of two separate conversations which has resulted in about a dozen jokes about said penis, just in case you think I, like his character in the movie, should seek some sort of help. I'm not THAT obsessed with his *points downwards towards crotch*. Just a healthy level of obsession. Goddammit, give me a break people!

Anyhoo, stay tuned til the end, folks, and if today's your lucky day, you just might bag yourself Santa's sack full of surprises. We're welcoming all sack themed puns. G'wan, you know you want to.

Merry Christmas from me and my camera guru Conor, who'd no doubt be able to fill Santa's sleigh with the amount of outtakes I've got to my name. Good man, Conor, good man.