'The Meg 2' seems to be officially a go as a director for the sequel has been confirmed.

'The Meg' starred Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor.

He's a rescue diver and shark expert in pursuit of a 75-foot-long megalodon shark originally thought to be extinct.

Not all survive the predator's hunt. But after a perilous rescue mission, Jonas appears to have killed the beast.

Guess not though.

The 2018 film was a pretty reasonable box office success.

It made a total worldwide gross of $530.2 million, against a production budget of between $130 million to $178 million.

None other than Ben Wheatley, whose take on 'Rebecca' landed on Netflix this week, is on board to helm the sequel.

His other past credits include 'High Rise', 'Free Fire', 'Sightseers' and 'Kill List'.

The same writers are involved in the sequel - Jon and Erich Hoeber as well as Dean Georgaris - with producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Belle Avery also returning.

More importantly still, for the fans anyway, Jason Statham is coming back.

THR broke the news.