After news got out that Warner Bros. was planning on "rebooting" The Matrix for a new generation, there was understandable outcry from fans of the series and those even with a passing interest.

After all, The Matrix was a cultural phenomenon in the early 2000s, so why does it need to be rebooted? That's exactly the same feeling that its writer, Zak Penn, has. In a series of tweets last night, Penn explained that he has no intention of rebooting The Matrix and instead plans to expand it.

"All I can say at this point is no one could or should REBOOT the Matrix. People who know Animatrix and the comics understand," explained Penn via Twitter. "Do I want to see more stories set in the universe of the matrix (sic)? Yes. Because it's a brilliant idea that generates great stories. Look at what people are doing with Xmen (sic) universe. Between Logan and Legion and Deadpool, does anyone want them to stop? Not me."

It's interesting to note Penn bringing up X-Men, as he was one of those directly involved with X2: X-Men United in 2003, and was also involved with Joss Whedon's Avengers Assemble. Nevertheless, there's still a lot of resentment out there for the idea.

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Via Twitter