Set footage from major blockbusters is always a tricky thing to report on, primarily because it's a work in progress.

After all, once CGI, editing, music, ADR, more CGI, colour correction, about a dozen or so filters, final sound mastering and plenty more is applied, it looks like a regular movie scene. Without all of that, all you're looking at is a famous person with about twenty people crowded around them in big, puffy jackets talking into walkie-talkies.

It's the same with being on a set, too. Sure, there might be some excitement when it's a major action setpiece, but most days it's just a bunch of people waiting around for the light to be right and weather to clear, and then cracking on as quickly as possible.

Anyway, all that is to simply prepare you for the fact that set footage of Keanu Reeves working on 'The Matrix 4' has made its way online via Instagram and it's kind of a non-event. We're not saying 'The Matrix 4' is a non-event, but rather the footage itself is just... well, it's Keanu Reeves looking up into the sun at something. Sure? OK? That could be a giant CGI robot blasting its way through a cyberpunk city-scape. It could be a thousand Hugo Weaving clones bearing down on top of him.

It could be a giant version of Laurence Fishburne's judgmental face staring at him, or it could be nothing. Who knows. Point is you're not going to know anything until 'The Matrix 4' hits cinemas on May 21st, 2021. Right now, there hasn't been a blip about plot synopsis or any of the casting decisions, bar bringing back Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves. All signs seem to indicate that they're reprising their roles and that 'The Matrix 4' is gearing itself along the lines of 'The Force Awakens'.

Of course, that's all just speculation. For now, here's the set footage.