Although it's not out until June of this year, there's still not a huge amount known about Wonder Woman's plot or any of the characters involved.

We do know - obviously - that Gal Gadot is playing Wonder Woman / Diana Prince, Chris Pine is playing Steve Trevor, Robin Wright and Connie Britton are playing Antiope and Hippolyta respectively and that Danny Huston is playing... well, a German military officer in World War I.

The prevailing theory is that Huston's character is, in fact, Ares - a major character in the various comic book storylines for Wonder Woman who has a major beef with Wonder Woman and the Amazons. The idea is that Ares, like Wonder Woman, is hiding on Earth during World War I. Ares, however, has managed to convince the German Army that he's an officer of some kind, hence Danny Huston in a German uniform.

A report surfaced on French website Les Thoiles Heroiques has it that Ares will be the main villain of the film, who wants to wipe out humanity using some kind of deadly gas that's being developed for use in World War I. This is why the Ares = Danny Huston is now getting a bit more traction, but there's been nothing in the way of official confirmation on either Ares is being the main villain or Danny Huston playing him.

He certainly would be a good choice for the character and Huston is a brilliant actor who's more than capable of taking on villainous roles and making them interesting. You only need to look at 30 Days Of Night, the Edge Of Darkness remake or TV's American Horror Story to know what he's like. Not only that, he's worked previously with Robin Wright and he even voiced a character in the DC Universe, in the animated film Justice League: Flashpoint.

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Via Les Thoiles Heroiques