Ridley Scott's latest movie, 'The Last Duel', will be filming in Ireland next month, specifically around Bective Abbey in Meath.

The Meath Chronicle reports that Bective Bridge will be used in the upcoming movie on March 23rd to March 30th, with the road over the bridge being closed at that time. Bective Abbey, which is right across the road from Bective Bridge, was actually used in 1995's 'Braveheart', where it doubled as the Tower of London where William Wallace - played by Mel Gibson - was hung, drawn and quartered.

Funnily enough, 'The Last Duel' has a similar vibe to it. Based on Eric Jager's book of the same name, it tells the story of the last trial by combat in medieval France, where a Norman knight and a squire intended to fight to the death over the alleged rape of the knight's wife by the squire. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Nicole Holofcener adapted Jager's book with Ridley Scott now set to direct the movie next month.

IMDb lists Adam Driver as Jacques LeGris, the Norman knight, while Matt Damon will be playing Jean de Carrouges, the squire, with 'Killing Eve' star Jodie Comer set to play the wife Marguerite. It's not yet known if more filming is due to take place around Ireland for 'The Last Duel', but you can expect to see the likes of Matt Damon or Adam Driver knocking around the midlands in the coming weeks.