For crime thrillers, the '70s and New York is always fertile ground for stories.

You've got the likes of 'Mean Streets', 'Carlito's Way', and TV shows like 'The Deuce'. Yet, for all of these, the female perspective is almost never represented, and certainly not as central characters. 'The Kitchen', a new movie directed by Andrea Berloff, looks to change all that. Tiffany Haddish, Elisabeth Moss and Melissa McCarthy star as three wives of New York criminals who find their husbands imprisoned and forced into a life of crime to survive.

While you might immediately think this is just a rip-off of Steve McQueen's 'Widows' from last year, it's actually not. 'The Kitchen' is based on a graphic novel series of the same name, written by Ollie Masters and published in 2015. Granted, 'Widows' was itself a reboot of the '80s TV series, but look, who cares at this stage?

Anyway, the trailer lays out pretty much all of what you'd expect from a '70s crime thriller, with lots of period music (Rolling Stones, anyone?), dark alleyways and lots and lots of brown tones everywhere. It looks familiar, of course, but having it written and directed by a woman and three women leading the cast means it's different.

Let's see if it works. 'The Kitchen' lands in Irish cinemas on September 20th.