After Jonathan Rhys Meyers' recent troubles, it's really heartening to see him fight his way back.

He's a talented actor and really was the only reason we tuned in to watch The Tudors. Well, that and Natalie Dormer. And Sam Neill in the first season. Anyway, Meyers is the lead in Roland Emmerich's already-controversial gay rights biopic Stonewall and has now signed on for Shambhala, a new survivor drama set in the Hindu Kush. Meyers plays the lone survivor of a plane crash who's struck with amnesia and left to survive in a harsh, unforgiving land.

These kind of character-driven survivalist dramas always give actors an opportunity to spread their wings and display their talents - and that's exactly what Meyers needs to kick his career resurgence into the next level. If he did some sort of HBO show off the back of this, all the better.

Shambhala is due to begin shooting soon with a release date tentatively suggested for 2017.