Pokemon in general has always been an emotive subject with people, but just about nothing could prepare people for seeing a real-life Pikachu, Mr. Mime or Psyduck walking around. Moreover, Danny DeVito came up quite a bit - thanks in part to a meme / joke about the actor being the true voice of Detective Pikachu.

If you're wondering how it is that Detective Pikachu happens to sound like Ryan Reynolds, it's not explained in the trailer. That said, you do get to hear the original voice - Ikue Otani - yelling 'Pika, pika' at people, so there's that.

So, how did Twitter react? Well, a lot of people had issues with the fact that Jigglypuff is fluffy / furry.

Others, meanwhile, took issue with Danny DeVito's absence as the voice of Detective Pikachu.

Overall, most people were generally freaked by the idea of seeing Pokemon in a real-world setting and not as animated characters, but also excited about the whole thing.

'Detective Pikachu' hits Irish cinemas on May 10th, 2019.