Well fair play to the lads from Castletown; The Hardy Bucks Movie is currently the Number 1 New Release at the Irish Box Office. Not too shabby, he? From the flickering lamp posts of Mayo's streets to the bright lights of Hollywood (well, the cinema at least), The Hardy Bucks debut feature film was this weekend's most popular new movie at the Irish box office. And we're not a bit surprised, gas laugh altogether so it is. You can read our four star review here.

And here's what The Viper had to say on the news: "I'm delighted that we're top of the filmy charts but to be honest, was it ever gonna be any other way? We're so amazing, class and unreal that I don't think even Jesus could touch us, and if he did, we'd press charges. Can't trust anyone these days. Shame really."

What's more, Universal Pictures are only delira to announce that The Hardy Bucks Movie has filed in at Number 2 at the Irish box office with €176,887 from 57 locations. (screen average: €3,103)

This, if you're able to figure out the maths of all that (don't ask me), positions The Hardy Bucks Movie as the highest grossing new release in Ireland. Which basically means they're claaaass.

1. WRECK IT RALPH €209,200

2. THE HARDY BUCKS MOVIE €176,887(including previews)(NEW)

3. MAMA €150,918 (NEW)

4. A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD €122,553

5. THIS IS 40 €96,774

6. CLOUD ATLAS €51,445 (NEW)

7. FLIGHT €46,507

8. I GIVE IT A YEAR €38,371

9. LINCOLN €37,191


And if the above news wasn't enough, The Hardy Bucks Movie ALSO features in the top ten Irish comedies of all-time and is the 8th biggest opening weekend of all-time for an Irish comedy at the Irish box office.

1. THE GUARD €433,010

2. IN BRUGES €426,555

3. THE BUTCHER BOY €223,429




7. MAN ABOUT DOG €199,620


9. ABOUT ADAM €135,758

10. SPIN THE BOTTLE €132,915

THE HARDY BUCKS MOVIE is also the biggest opening for an Irish film in recent memory (WHAT RICHARD DID took €57,402 and GRABBERS took €30,074).

Well if that's not enough reason to go drinkin', fightin' and shmokin', I don't know what is. Not that I'm condoning drinking, fighting and or smoking in any shape or form.

Commenting on the successful opening weekend Dave Burke, General Manager of Universal Pictures International Ireland, "We are over the moon with the success of The Hardy Bucks at the Irish box office. The lads have produced a fantastically funny film that has proved that their wide appeal and the fact that there is a huge appetite for Irish comedy on the Big Screen."