Even though it's close to thirty years old, The Goonies still holds remarkably well.

Not only that, the hope for a sequel has never really gone away and, more recently, it's come up time and again. Granted, it didn't come up in conversation when we spoke to Richard Donner, he did allude to the fact that he's working on something. Was it The Goonies 2? Who knows.

Sean Astin, who played Mikey Walsh, might know. In a recent panel interview, Astin dropped a little snippet of a fraction of a clue. Astin made a reference to One-Eyed Willie, the infamous pirate and his buried treasure from the original Goonies. Astin said that the original Goonies wasn't "the only time Mikey came face-to-face with One-Eyed Willie", which sent reverberations throughout the crowd.

There's been talk since the 30th anniversary that a Goonies sequel was due to happen and, quite honestly, it's the perfect time for it. There's a lot of goodwill for the so-called legacy sequel. You only need to look at The Force Awakens and Creed to see that, when it's done right, it can be both commercially and critically successful.

Richard Donner hasn't done a film since 16 Blocks and a return to Goon Docks could be the perfect way to cap off an extraordinary career.


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