I know, I know, it's October, so it's just about time to get into the Christmas spirit, but there's one small problem, there's another seasonal holiday to deal with beforehand.

Often forgotten due to the ever increasing span of the Christmas period, Halloween is nearly upon us, and to celebrate we've not only put together a list of the scariest movie scenes to get you in the mood, but we've got a competition for you to win with Kellogg's Squares. But, before we get to that, here's our favourite frightening film scenes.

Psycho - Shower Scene
Cliché as it may seem, it'd be nearly impossible to do a run-down of the best “horror anythings” without throwing Alfred Hitchcock's name into the discussion. With a back catalogue as devilishly creepy as his, it's tough to pick just one scene.

But still, when you manage to make a scene with a shower and a curtain more graphic and horrifying than a woman being pecked to death by a gaggle of birds, you're going to find yourself on this list somewhere. So here's the scene you were all expecting.

The Shining – Writer's Block
So, The Shining is a relatively scary film. By that I mean, watch it when you're ten and you'll have a pathological fear of twins, ghosts, rivers of blood, and screaming men with axes, but to be fair, who isn't freaked out by twins.

Much like celebrities, horror movies know they've “made it” when the feature in The Simpsons, so let's Homer play out one of the scariest scenes in the film instead of you know, actually petrifying ourselves.

Scream – Bye Bye Babysitter

Popcorn in a disposable pan, huge telephones, and Drew Barrymore with bangs. It's settled, the 90's was the scariest decade, but most of that comes down to Ghostface, not the original, but our favourite prank caller/serial killer. I've said it before and I'll say it again, murderous villains today just don't have that comedic touch.

So good it's been parodied by just about everything at this stage, but it doesn't get old, so here's a babysitter being hunted down by a masked knife wielding maniac, sound.

Paranormal Activity – Wakey Wakey
Ghosts and that, underused in the horror movie world some might say, that was until Paranormal Activity came along and made 67 films in 12 months. There's another one coming out in January, but nothing will beat the first for its jumpy frights.

This scene in particular stuck with us, you know, because who wants to get out of bed…

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Door
What makes a mentally unstable bad guy look even scarier? Yep, a mask, and if you can make that mask a collection of the skin he's taken from his victims, that's a bonus, a big old disgusting big bonus.

It turned 40 years old earlier this month, so that's forty years of trying to forget seeing this.

So, we can all agree that there’s nothing quite like a good scary moment? (as long as you’re in the safety of your living-room). Well it seems the folks at Kellogg’s Squares also seem to enjoy a good scare, as long as it it’s them providing it! Have a look at them scaring the absolute bejaysus out of these poor, unsuspecting students in this video.

We can forgive them for it though, because they're giving away a €250 CINEMA VOUCHER. Awful generous, we know, and all you have to do to enter is click here, or on that huge Kellogg's Squares sign below, simples.