Horses. In film and television history, they're everywhere.

They can be the noble steed upon which the hero rides off into the sunset or, in some cases, they can even have a shotgun and walk around on hind legs. Looking at you, BraveStarr. To celebrate the launch of the Dublin Horse Show, from July 20th to July 24th, we've counted down the five most recognisable horses in film and television history.

If you've got some of your own, gallop down to the comments and let us know if it's yay or neigh to our choices.


5. ARTAX from The NeverEnding Story

No joke, Artax walking into the Swamp of Sadness was absolutely horrific and traumatising as a child. We've never fully recovered and, to be honest, every time we see a white horse, we legitimately tear up. If they ever start handing out Oscars for horses, Artax needs to get a retroactive Horse Oscar.  ARTAX! YOU GOTTA MOVE! MOOOOVE PLEASE! DON'T QUIT ARTAX! ARTTTAAAAXXX!


4. BLACK BEAUTY from Black Beauty TV Series

Sure, it's a black horse and he was more than a handful, but what a beauty. Also, that theme song is embedded in popular culture and any time you see a horse galloping, that should be playing somewhere in the background.


3. THIRTY-THIRTY from BraveStarr

This show featured a talking horse that also carried a shotgun and made horse-related puns. If you don't think BraveStarr was the greatest cartoon from the '80s, you can get out and walk, pal.


2. SHADOWFAX from Lord of the Rings

Not only was Shadowfax so famous that he literally stopped Legolas in his tracks, he was able to jump an entire wall of Uruk-hai and charge right into the middle of battle. Listen to that score by Howard Shore when Shadowfax rides out of nowhere to come to Gandalf's aid. Spine-tingling.


1. MAXIMUS from Tangled

Maximus was able to fight with a sword, wag his tail like a dog and was also an expert tracker. You literally couldn't get a better horse than Maximus.

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