Although you'd normally be skeptical of how good a fourth movie could be in any franchise, it's different with 'Toy Story'.

Why? For the simple reason that it ended on such a perfect note with 'Toy Story 3' that you have to think that bringing it back isn't going be done lightly or simply for the sake of it. Truly, where the trilogy ended was the perfect send-off - so why bring it back?

If, like us, you had some genuine fears about how 'Toy Story 4' was going to play out, you needn't worry. Going by these early social media reactions from US outlets, it looks like there's nothing to worry about.

Quite a number of the tweets cite the fears everyone had and point out that 'Toy Story 4' is not only worth it, but could very well be the best sequel Pixar has ever made. We'll have our own review up online this coming week, but for now, here's a few tweets to give you an idea of what to expect.

'Toy Story 4' arrives in Irish cinemas on June 21st.

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