If ever there was a movie that we're disappointed to hear getting bad reviews in the US, it's this - Shane Black's long-awaited take on 'The Predator'.

The movie opens here in Ireland next week and our review won't go live until Tuesday, however early reviews came in from US outlets haven't exactly been awash with praise for it. Currently, the movie has a 63% score on Rotten Tomatoes and 56 out of 100 on MetaCritic, and the individual reviews aren't all that promising either.

Total Film praised the pacing, saying that its "relentlessness doesn’t allow you any time to catch a yawn, but it’s also not too conducive to tension or suspense," whilst IndieWire was more damning, saying that "(for) a film about celebrating the things that make people different, it’s a shame that Shane Black’s latest studio offering feels like it could have been made by committee, and that it probably was."

Collider, meanwhile, branded 'The Predator' a "disappointment for someone with their fingers crossed for a worthy Predator sequel," but added that there could be some hope for it in the future if you view it more as an action movie than a straight-up horror. Horror specialists Dread Central argued that while it is "a genuinely fun movie... it’s impossible to overlook the issues that plague nearly every moment."

Oof. Given how long 'The Predator' was in development and the talk of reshoots, it seems like what's come together in the end may not have been all it's cracked up to be.

Our review goes live on Tuesday, and you can decide for yourself when 'The Predator' opens in Ireland on September 14th.