Mega Man is easily one of Nintendo's most recognisable characters, debuting on the NES in 1987 and becoming an instant hit.

The game spawned close to 130 titles in its wake and turned Mega Man into a pop culture phenomenon - so it's no surprise that a film adaptation has been in the works for quite some time. According to a report by THR, directors Henry Joost and Aril Schulman - best known as the minds behind Catfish - have been tasked with turning Mega Man into a film.

Schulman and Joost previously directed 2016's Nerve, with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, as well as two of the Paranormal Activity movies, so despite Catfish being their most well-known and well-received film to date, they also have some form in the area.

Although most adaptations of videogames, it has to be said, haven't worked, the likes of Netflix's Castlevania is giving hope to the idea that something can work. Mega Man is a big property, both here in Europe, in the US and in Asia, so it's clearly perfect for having crossover appeal.

Really though, it comes down to how Schulman and Joost approach it - either with a gritty, realistic take (which it doesn't need) or come at with it a sense of fun and humour (which it definitely needs).