Since It became a massive box office smash and the likes of lesser-known King novels like Gerald's Game received rave reviews, the few remaining works that haven't been made into a film are now being harvested for adaptation.

While we're all fans of King's work - really, we can quote Misery back to you - there's no denying that he's written some utter tripe through the years and he'd even admitted as much himself. Case in point is The Tommyknockers, which King called "an awful book" in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2014.

Good or bad, that's not going to stop studios putting together an adaptation of it as THR has announced that it's now going to be adapted by none other than James Wan, the director of Saw, The Conjuring and the upcoming Aquaman movie. On top of this, Wan was also one of the producers on the aforementioned It adaptation that did gangbusters at the box office, so he clearly knows a hit when he sees one.

The Tommyknockers was made into a TV miniseries in 1993 with Jimmy Smits that was apparently a ratings winner at the time, but didn't have any of the cultural impact that It had. To be fair, It had clowns and everyone hates clowns where as The Tommyknockers had... well, an alien ship that releases a gas that makes people super-smart but then transforms them?

Like we said, it was a really bad book so good luck trying to make into a half-decent movie.