The Corona Cork Film Festival is set to run from the 12th - 19th of October and (according to information I stole from their site) some 125 guests from 15 countries have confirmed their attendance at the festival, with the number expected to rise to over 150, eh, apparently. Guest directors include Terence Davies (Of Time And The City), Peter Greenaway (Nightwatching), Rahmin Bahrani (Goodbye Solo), Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor (Helen), Ibrahim El Batout (Eye of the Sun), Samm Haillay (Better Things), Ahmed El Maanouni (Burned Hearts), Ian Simpson (Nadine) and Borislav Sajtinac (The Killer of Montmartre). While documentary directors set to attend include Gerry Gregg (Till The 10th Generation), John T Davis (Tailwind), Gini Reticker (Pray the Devil Back to Hell), Paul Devlin (Blast!), Jerry Rothwell (Heavy Load), Donald Taylor Black (David Farrell: Elusive Moments) Ronan O’Leary (Hold The Passion), Patricia Zagarella (Walk Like a Man), Mirjam Van Veelem (Megumi). Also coming are writer Enda Walsh (Hunger), comedian and Silent Clowns presenter Paul Merton with pianist Neil Brand, cinematographer Robbie Ryan, super 8 guru John Porter, video artist Michael Fortune and film critic and author Michael Dwyer. So, if you happen you be down south in the Rebel County during the week, make sure to hit a flick, or go to a talk with one of the aforementioned speakers. These things don't happen every year ya know... Oh right, my bad.