It's fair to say that The Cloverfield Paradox hasn't gone down too well with either the critics or the average Joe Soap.

Julius Onah's film - which was surprised-released on Netflix immediately following the Super Bowl on Sunday - has been roundly thrashed for being a messy, badly-directed affair that seemed clumsily tacked-on to the Cloverfield franchise for no real reason.

However, Paramount - the studio that made it - are no doubt delighted that they managed to get Netflix to agree to a deal, knowing that it would flop in cinemas; it has been revealed that they sold the film to the streaming service for a whopping $50 million+, making it profitable in their eyes.

As for Netflix - well, they've generated a lot of buzz, regardless of whether people hated it or not.

The next big Netflix outing for a movie that most expected to hit cinemas is Annihilation, which hits the service on February 23rd.