If you haven't yet watched Hell Or High Water, you really need to get on it because it's one of the best films of last year and reminded us that Chris Pine can actually act when he puts his mind to it.

Out of the critical success of that, director David Mackenzie's next film has been picked up by Netflix and will reteam him with his Hell Or High Water cast. This time, however, the film isn't going to be set in the badlands of America - but 13th century Scotland. Yes, really.

The Outlaw King will follow Robert The Bruce's campaign against the Brits for Scottish independence, with Pine set to play Robert The Bruce. The film will definitely take a different approach to how the historical figure was handled in Mel Gibson's Braveheart, which took him as a traitor to his own people and being controlled by his leprosy-riddled father than his own man. Ben Foster will play James Duncan, a knight who rose to become Robert's most trusted adviser, whilst another character - Elizabeth deBurgh, an Irish noblewoman who fell in love with and married Robert The Bruce - is yet to be cast.

Deadline reports that the film has been a passion project for Mackenzie for a number of years, as he himself is a Scotsman. No production budget has been announced, but it's likely that Netflix are devoting a serious amount of resources to see the film made the way it should be. Netflix already has films starring Brad Pitt and Will Smith set for release this year, so moving into historical epics such as this should come as no surprise.


Via Deadline