Inspired by Anne Gildea's best-selling memoir, the movie will follow a young woman who discovers she has breast cancer.

Gemma-Leah Devereux stars in the new Irish movie 'The Bright Side', which, according to the trailer, will be quite a touching yet comical look at cancer treatment in Ireland.

Inspired by Anne Gildea's best-selling memoir 'I've Got Cancer, What’s Your Excuse?', 'The Bright Side' is directed by Ruth Meehan, who has previously worked on the Virgin Media drama 'Red Rock' and RTÉ's successful docuseries 'Herstory: Ireland's Epic Women'.

Gemma-Leah Devereux has become a name frequently mentioned in both Irish and overseas productions in the past number of years. Her most recent appearance was as Anna in the RTÉ thriller 'Smother'; she also starred as Liza Minnelli in 'Judy' with Renée Zellweger and appeared in the Irish crime drama 'Broken Law'.

Other Irish actors in the production will be Siobhan Cullen ('Origin'), Tom Vaughan-Lawlor ('Love/Hate'), Karen Egan ('Your Bad Self'), Barbara Brennan ('Dublin Murders'), and Derbhle Crotty ('Rosie').

Here's the synopsis for 'The Bright Side', which will be released in cinemas on August 20:

World-weary stand-up comedian Kate McLoughlin wants out. Her morbid prayers are answered in the form of a cancer diagnosis. For Kate, this is the perfect excuse. However, a last supper of dodgy shellfish and champagne puts paid to her overdose attempt and to placate her family she begrudgingly agrees to undergo treatment. Armed with staggering levels of cynicism and a plethora of blackly comic jokes, Kate gets off to a bad start with the four other women she encounters on the chemo ward, whose unsolictited friendships are destined to blow open her shut-down heart.