Tis a sad day for any filmmaker when your movie fails to win big at the box office. It's probably even more tragic, to the point of being almost laughable, when your movie takes in a paltry £602 on its opening weekend. And that's not £602 thousand, it's £602 full stop. No zeros. I think you get the point.

As per The Guardian, Danny Dyer's farcical comedy Run For Your Wife opened across 9 cinemas in the UK last Friday, taking in an average of £67 per cinema. Sure you'd spend almost that when you tot up all the cokes, sweets and nachos you might feast on during the film.

The movie currently holds a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (however, if you were to look at this in a glass half full sort of way, you could say 'well, at least it can't do any worse than that, eh?') and has been utterly slaughtered by those critics who've bothered their holes going to review it.

What's it all about then? Yep, you're intrigued now. The film stars Mean Machine actor Dyer as a cab driver struggling to keep his two separate lives from interfering with one another. Yes, in this movie, Dyer plays husband to two separate wives, played by the rather similar looking Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding and Denise Van Outen respectively. This film boasts some serious acting chops, wouldn't you agree?

Interestingly though, the rest of the cast isn't half bad, what with the late (and GREAT) Richard Briers making an appearance along with Men Behaving Badly's Neil Morrissey. Rolf Harris and Cliff Richard pop up somewhere along the way too. We're not sure where though; don't ask us to sit through it to find out.

So when you think of the amount of money made, and the amount of actors and staff that had to be paid, they may have come out with, what, a £50 note each? Nice one.