Chris Nolan's Interstellar just got a whole lot more interesting, what with the news that one of our favourite actors, Matt Damon, has been added to the already impressive cast.

We still don't know a whole lot about the plot, Nolan does like to keep his cards close to his chest, but rumour has it the sory will centre on a group of entrepid travellers, who spend their days exploring space and its many wormholes. It's a sci-fi, but you probably got that already.

Damon joins Casey Affleck (brother to Ben and pal of Damon, who I happen to have a major crush on ever since Gone Baby Gone), David Oyelowo, David Gyasi and Wes Bentley.

From Behind the Candelabra, to Good Will Hunting, to something like this or Elysium, we've no doubt that Damon can knock almost any role out of the park. This is certainly one to watch out for, after all, when has anything Chris Nolan put his hand to not been a cinematic pleasure-fest?