Horror fans will remember that, shortly after The Conjuring was released in 2013, a spinoff movie about the weird little doll from the beginning was put out.

Despite being pretty terrible, Annabelle managed to make a whopping $257,000,000 off of a budget of $6,500,000. That's almost forty times the production budget. Think about that, for a minute. FORTY times its production budget.

Sure enough, with The Conjuring 2 opening in Irish cinemas this weekend, there's another spinoff in the works for another secondary character in the film. Without giving too much away, a demon nun - yes, really - plays a part in The Conjuring 2 and will be getting her own film in the next year or two.

What's interesting, as well, is that the demon nun was an incredibly late addition by James Wan. The scenes that revolve around the character in The Conjuring 2 were shot just three months before the film was due to open, with Vera Farmiga returning to set to shoot the scenes with Wan.

The Nun, which will be produced by James Wan, and will feature said nun as the lead antagonist. We're also expecting this one to do a stupid amount of money against a tiny production budget, thus confirming that people will watch almost any horror film provided there's a decent marketing campaign behind it.

The Nun will hit Irish cinemas some time in 2017.