With news coming in that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson may be in the running to play the villain in the next installment of the Terminator franchise, we thought we'd pick five other actors who'd be perfect as the villain. Seen Robert Patrick / T-1000 lately? Can't get him anymore.


Fassbender has already played a robot / android in Ridley Scott's muddled sci-fi epic, Prometheus. However, we think he'd be perfect for playing a Terminator. It's not that he's built like a tank or he's physically threatening. After all, James Cameron originally intended Terminators to look like normal human beings, not Nordic bodybuilding demi-gods. What Fassbender has is the ability to go dead. As in, play it completely straight and without feeling or emotion. Look back at Terminator 2: Judgement Day and note just how ice-cold Robert Patrick's portrayal was. Now imagine Fassbender in the role. Amazing.


Let's be clear. Former wrestlers don't make terribly good actors. We know this. But why Dave Bautista / Batista would make a better villain than The Rock is because Bautista looks and acts more threatening than The Rock. Don't get us wrong. We love The Rock. But we can't really seem him stretching into villain territory. He's one of those actors that you can't seperate him from his off-screen persona. The Rock is too nice of a guy. Dave Bautista, on the other hand, looks like he'd put your head through a wall and laugh about it afterwards. He could and all. The dude's 6 foot 5.


Yes, he was General Zod. And this is really out there and highly unlikely. But just imagine Michael Shannon playing a dead-eyed Terminator. Imagine how terrifying he'd be. That's what the Terminator franchise needs to get back. That genuine sense of fear and dread. You look at the very first Terminator film and it looks and feels like a horror film. That was Cameron's intention. He wanted the monster to be robots. Michael Shannon's cold blue eyes and square jaw would be perfect for a Terminator.



Have you been watching Hannibal? Stop what you're doing right this instant and go watch it. It's amazing. Are you back? Good. Then you know exactly why Mads Mikkelsen would be perfect as a Terminator. Need more proof? Go watch Valhalla Rising. Back already? There's your answer. One more? Casino Royale. Stop arguing this. He's perfect. He's got the accent, the build and a face that would haunt your nightmares and give you really bad bags under your eyes.


Stick with us here. He's going to be a villain in the next Fast & Furious film. You just know it's going to be awesome. Now imagine him chasing Arnold Schwarzenegger through an underground carpark with blades for hands. Yeah, we're squeeing too.