While Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' has been making waves globally for its box office lead, here in Ireland, it's been on top of the list since its release.

Figures from ComScore today confirm that the time-inversing blockbuster is now within striking distance of €1 million - €910,237 accumulated revenue so far, to be precise - and will likely pass that figure by this time next week.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited 'New Mutants' - whose release date disappeared more times than Kitty Pryde - failed to knock 'Tenet' off the top spot. The comic-book teen-horror only managed to secure €73,935 on its opening weekend here in Ireland, despite opening in 68 locations across the Republic of Ireland.

Weepy teen romance 'After We Collided', meanwhile, landed in third place at €34,339 - despite it only being shown in 10 locations, per ComScore's report. Interestingly, 'Black Panther' returned to cinemas in honour of the passing of Chadwick Boseman, and placed ninth in the Irish Top 10 Box Office, having been released in cinemas back in 2018.