After a lot of confusion, we've been finally able to confirm that - yes, finally - 'Tenet' is being released in Ireland on August 26th.

Previously, a staggered worldwide release was announced by Warner Bros. with the UK - but not Ireland - confirmed for an August 26th release. So, in the interest of being accurate in our reporting, we waited for full confirmation from Warner Bros. on the date, what with release dates changing on a daily basis.

Warner Bros. confirmed for us that 'Tenet' is being released in Ireland on August 26th, with a saturation release expected across Ireland.

So far, tickets and box offices have not opened for 'Tenet' in Ireland, but we're expecting some news on that in the coming days ahead - so if you're planning on being the first in Ireland to see it, keep your eyes peeled. Meanwhile, we will hopefully have our review on the week leading up to the release of 'Tenet', so keep an eye out for that too.

In the meantime, here's the trailer.