Releasing a major blockbuster in the middle of a global pandemic might not particularly seem like a smart move, but it's looking like 'Tenet' is on its way already.

The latest global box office figures for 'Tenet' have it that the movie has hit the $100 million mark worldwide, with the movie opening in both China and the US this weekend. With a production budget of in and around $200 million, it's the most expensive movie Christopher Nolan has made outside of 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

Estimates by several box office analysts suggest that 'Tenet' needs to make somewhere in the region of $400 million to break even for the studio and cover the cost of marketing and advertising. While the movie may have been on release for a couple of weeks worldwide, the addition of the US and Chinese releases should make that figure possible.

It may not seem like an impressive figure - 'Tenet' could have easily made this figure on its opening weekend - but you have to remember that cinemas in Ireland and across the globe are operating screens with social distancing guidelines in place. Between that and cases spiking in some countries, cinemas have struggled to keep their doors open and 'Tenet' has been the lifejacket they needed.

The movie is now on release in Ireland.