From What Richard Did to The Guard, Irish film is going from strength to strength these days, and sure isn't that something to be very proud of all together? Since Paddy's Day is just one sleep away, we said we'd throw our heads together and come up with a list of ten Irish films that we absolutely love, many of which just so happen to feature Colm Meaney...

Now, don't get us wrong, we know there's a fair few decent, serious Irish movies. but in the spirit of La Fheile Padraig, we thought we'd head down the diddly idle route too for the craic! So, with your shillelagh under your arm and a toora loora lie, here are ten thoroughly Irish films for you to enjoy...

The Commitments

What's the story?
If there's one Irish film that everyone's heard of it's Alan Parker's 1991 adaptation of Roddy Doyle's Dublin classic. From Jimmy to Imelda, right down to Joey 'The Lips' Fagan, every inch of this film just screams 1980s Ireland. Keep your eyes peeled for Andrea Corr as a young Sharon Rabbitte. Fans of the Barrytown books will know she's supposed to be the same Sharon that featured in The Snapper.
Is Colm Meaney in it? Yes, albeit briefly.

What's the story? A mish mash of intersecting tales set in modern day Dublin, Colin Farrell's opening monologue, Colm Meaney's regular pieces to camera and the sheer hilarity of yer wan with the ronnie (who incidentally played Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter) are only small indications of how brilliant an Irish movie Intermission is. Anyone who used to get the 17a through Coolock and Kilbarrack back in the day will know exactly how hilariously realistic this movie can be. Never leave the house without your tunes.
Is Colm Meaney in it? Yes. Quite a lot.

The Van
What's the story?
Is there anything that gets the Irish going like qualification for an international football tournament? Set during the summer of Italia 90, The Van follows the fortunes of Larry (Colm Meaney) and Brendan 'Bimbo' Reeves. The pair are best pals, and when Bimbo gets laid off from his job as a baker, the pair band together to sell fast food from Bimbo's newly purchased chip van. It ain't all plain sailing for Bimbo's Burgers though!
Is Colm Meaney in it? Is he wha? Of course he is.

Michael Collins

What's the story?
Nothing says Ireland like a debate over the Anglo Irish Treaty. Liam Neeson puts in a stellar performance, and Alan Rickman's Dev is probably more recognizable than the man from the history books. Pity about Kitty eh? Julia Roberts is probably one of the only things wrong with the movie. Well, that and the odd factual inaccuracy, but sure who's keeping count eh? Keep your eyes peeled for a young Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, with his much fabled original Cork accent still intact.
Is Colm Meaney in it? No. Shock horror.

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