As the final installment of Twilight gets closer Taylor Lautner has revealed he's  finding it hard to say goodbye to the franchise.

Speaking at the LA premiere he said 'The first thing will probably be the entire cast, who are like my family now. This will be tough to say goodbye to, all the fans, they've just been amazing, and the character Jacob will be tough to say goodbye to'.

Lautner plays werewolf Jacob in the franchise. Speaking about his character Lautner said 'These characters have never stopped changing throughout the entire franchise, and that's what I love about Jacob.Jacob himself has grown up so much and gone through so many hurdles and it was a fantastic character to play.For me, it'll be tough to say goodbye to spending time with people that I love. We've grown so close over the past few years'.

He also likened the rest of the cast to his family and said being so close made it hard to film some scenes without laughing 'It happens all the time. Now that we're all so close, when we have one of those super-serious scenes [it's difficult]. The scene with Billy Burke, where I strip down for him in the woods, was almost impossible'.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens in cinemas this Friday 16th of November.