Oh dear, this is not good news. We don't know whose God-awful idea this was but we will find you and we will kill you. Apologies, I just couldn't resist. Taken 3 is very likely on the cards. We know; disaster. After the cinematic laughing stock that was Taken 2, what with the slavic sounding munchkin bad guys and the lukewarm, action movie 101 plot, most people agreed that at this stage, it'd be best to leave well enough alone. And besides, who the else can be 'taken' from Liam Neeson? Surely he'd have had the sense to up and leave to some remote corner of Bangladesh (or wherever) to avoid these thugs ever locating him or anyone close to him.

And the daughter? Don't even get me started on the daughter. In the first movie, she gets dragged off, abused, pumped up with drugs, sold to a greasy fat sheik and when she eventually gets rescued by her dad, she's totally fine, not remotely scarred and runs off to pursue her singing lessons with Holly Valance? That girl is one atrocious actress, I could do a better job of playing Mr Neeson's daughter myself. Does anyone even know the actress' name in real life? Well I'm not going to Google it. She was in Twilight too as one of the conflicted vampires, and she was pants at that too.

So yeah, it's been discussed widely that Bryan Mills with his particular set of skills could very well return for a third installment, should he accept the 20 million Dollar offer that's been put before him.

Despite it being panned by critics, the sequel still made a sh*t tonne of money so it's very likely that this will go ahead. As per Deadline, a script by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen is already in the works. Production is rumoured to begin in early 2014 should Neeson accept.

Don't do it Liam, don't do it!