It's a comic strip that has been adapted countless times over the years, but the newest one may be the most exciting yet.

'Flash Gordon', which first emerged back in 1933, is being developed as an animated feature by Fox/Disney - and Taika Waititi has been attached to it.

Deadline report that the 'Thor: Ragnarok' director is on board as the film's writer/director, although that has not yet been confirmed by his camp. The Kiwi man is currently in post-production on 'Jojo Rabbit'. He recently pulled out of Netflix stop-animation project 'Bubbles'.

While we'd be intrigued to see what Waititi could do with a live-action rendering of the superhero (as was seen in the 1980 cheesefest directed by Mike Hodges), an animated version of the space opera is an interesting prospect.

Over the years, everyone from Federico Fellini to George Lucas have been attached to adaptations of the comic book hero's story. 'Kingsman' director Matthew Vaughn was most recently in the spotlight as a contender to oversee this latest endeavour.

The plot for the animated film, according to Deadline, sees "Earth threatened by a collision with the planet Mongo, and Flash is sent off in a rocket ship in an attempt to stop the disaster." He is pitted against Mongo's 'tyrannical ruler', Ming the Merciless.

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