Really, it says a lot about a teaser or any kind of creation that it automatically induces a physical reaction and, yes, the teaser for 'Suspira' is the kind of thing that'll just set you on edge in an instant.

Why? Well, there's nothing violent or explicit about it and there's nothing at all to suggest the violence and horror in the film. Early footage of the remake drew the kind of reactions you'd expect from early test screenings of 'The Exorcist', but you don't see any of it in this trailer.

All you see is a lot of tense staring by Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton and something that looks like a fish-hook of some kind and a lot of ballet dancing - and, yet, it's unbelievably terrifying. Maybe it's the droning music or the complete lack of dialogue, maybe it's the jarring red font that spells out SUSPIRIA or maybe it's just knowing what's in the store in the final film. Who knows, really.

The original film, directed by Dario Argento, was known for its brutal and terrifying violence - as well as having stunning cinematography. Argento was actually using the same colouring as Disney's 'Snow White & The Seven Dwarves' to give that disconnected, almost cartoonish sense of reality. Here, however, it looks bleakly real - which, in a way, makes it more unsettling.

The film arrives in Irish cinemas on November 2nd.