There's some films that people will just go back to again and again because, sometimes, you just want something familiar and comfortable.

The Christmas period, for example. You'll always watch Harry Potter, Elf, maybe even The Santa Clause or Santa Claus: The Movie. Other people, it's films like The Dark Knight or The Matrix, or even older ones like Labyrinth or The Goonies.

Us? Hunt For Red October. No idea why, but whenever it's on TV, we'll sit down and watch it to the end.

Anyway, data site FiveThirtyEight compiled a survey with just over 1,000 respondents - 1,169, to be precise - of their most rewatched films of all time. No surprises, of course, that Star Wars came out on top with a total of 98 people clocking Star Wars in the No.1 spot. The Wizard Of Oz, meanwhile, came in at No.2 whilst The Sound Of Music was No.3.

The data, when broken down by gender, is slightly less surprising. Star Wars was considered the No.1 most rewatchable film by men, whilst women counted The Wizard Of Oz as their No.1. In fact, 51 women counted Wizard Of Oz as their all-time rewatchable film compared to 66 men, who counted Star Wars as theirs.

The list, however, deviates even further when you go down the list. Dirty Dancing was listed sixth in the women's list, whilst men counted The Princess Bride, The Matrix, Star Trek (2009) and The Shawshank Redemption in the same spot. Shawshank Redemption was ninth in women's list whilst The Princess Bride was joint seventh with the Harry Potter series and Pretty Woman.

All in all, the data compiled wasn't that surprising. In the joint list, however, one film stuck out to us and made us smile. Caddyshack was listed as the 25th most rewatched film of all time.

Friends, that's a travesty. Caddyshack should be in the Top 10 and we all know it. Here's the list in full from FiveThirtyEight.

1. Star Wars

2. The Wizard of Oz

3. The Sound of Music

4. The Lord of the Rings (series)

5. Gone With the Wind

6. The Godfather

6. The Princess Bride

8. The Shawshank Redemption

9. Harry Potter (series)

10. It’s A Wonderful Life

11. Forrest Gump

11. Grease

13. Dirty Dancing

14. Pulp Fiction

14. Titanic

16. The Lion King

16. Pretty Woman

18. Casablanca

19. The Matrix

19. The Notebook

21. Star Trek

21. Finding Nemo

23. Goodfellas

24. Pride & Prejudice

25. Caddyshack

25. The Avengers


Via FiveThirtyEight