Given just how... infamous the live-action 'Super Mario Bros.' movie in the '90s was, you can imagine that Nintendo aren't particularly keen on going back to that any time soon.

For one, Super Mario is arguably the most recognisable character in gaming out there. People of all generations know who he is, and Nintendo are incredibly protective about the character. It shouldn't come as any surprise then that the very first game's programmer and designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, has been announced as having a role in the upcoming animated movie.

Nintendo officially confirmed the movie yesterday in a corporate briefing, finally dispelling persistent rumours that a movie based on the plumber was in the works. A tentative release date of 2022 has been set, but no further details were offered.

It's understood that Illumination, who developed the likes of 'Despicable Me' and 'Minions', are working on the movie right now, with Shigeru Miyamoto on as executive producer. The briefing doesn't go into casting details, nor does it reveal any plot.

Mario has had a voice actor for many years, Charles Martinent, but was also played in the past by the likes of Lou Albano on the animated TV show, and as mentioned, Bob Hoskins in the ill-fated live-action movie.

How bad was that live-action movie? Take a look at the trailer for it.