It's been over a year since news of a 'Grease' prequel titled 'Summer Loving' entering production emerged. Now it looks like the project is gaining momentum as it gets a director and another writer.

The film's title, 'Summer Loving', takes inspiration from the song 'Summer Nights', one of the popular numbers from the 1978 musical.

The original depicted the romance blossoming between high school students Danny and Sandy, played by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

'Grease' was a massive hit turning Travolta into a star and inspiring a sequel with Michelle Pfeiffer.

Brett Haley is on board to direct the prequel.

In the past he has directed such music-oriented movies as 'Hearts Beat Loud' and 'I'll See You in My Dreams'. He also directed 'The Hero', headlined by Sam Elliott, and the recent YA romantic drama 'All the Bright Places'.

Leah McKendrick is penning the script with John August, whose past work has included 'Big Fish', 'Corpse Bride' and the 'Aladdin' remake.

Temple Hill, who worked with Haley on 'Sorta Like a Rock Star', and Picturestart are producing.

The movie will focus on Danny and Sandy's summer fling that preceded their reunion at high school.

You know, the one they sing about in 'Summer Nights'.

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