In the aftermath of Suicide Squad, Jared Leto made a bit of a show of himself talking about how many of his scenes were cut from the final film.

Indeed, in our review of said film, we made the point that there was probably a slightly better version of this film left hiding away somewhere in the vaults of Warner Bros., but that it was unlikely to see the light of day any time soon. With the announcement of a so-called extended cut of Suicide Squad for the home market, many may expect that it'll be chock-full of new features and an explanation for, well, all of it.

Hah. No. Not a chance.

In fact, there's only thirteen minutes of extra footage. Going by this trailer, it's primarily focused on Margot Robbie before she went all Harley Quinn. So, yeah, cool.

You have to give credit to the DCEU, because they're singlehandedly keeping the physical DVD / BluRay market alive with these extended cut / director's cut version of their films. Batman v Superman, for example, almost had a full hour tacked onto its home version. Don't be at all surprised if there's another announcement a few months after this is released of a definitive, hardcase version of Suicide Squad with another thirty minutes of the film tacked on somewhere.

Either way, the film was a gigantic mess and making it longer isn't going to help it be any better.