Steven Spielberg has picked his next project, and it's his most personal work yet.

Deadline reports that Spielberg is set to direct a film based on his childhood growing up in Arizona.

The film will be an Amblin Partners feature, and it's currently without a title.

Michelle Williams is in talks to play a major role inspired by Spielberg's mother "but with a separate and original voice."

The American filmmaker is said to be looking to cast children of different ages. One of them will play the part inspired by a young Spielberg.

The director of such films as 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' and the 'Indiana Jones' series has spoken over the years about how growing up in Arizona inspired the stories and themes of his movies, as well as their characters.

Previously, there was a 2017 HBO doc that delved into his life.

But Spielberg will be giving his own perspective here, taking part in script writing duties for the first time since 'A.I. Artificial Intelligence'.

Tony Kushner, who has penned several of the filmmaker's movies in the past, will co-write the feature.

It will start shooting next summer.

It's expected to get a release sometime in 2022.

The next project of Steven Spielberg's coming to the big screen is his take on 'West Side Story'.

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed out its release by a year. It arrives in cinemas next Christmas on December 10, 2021.