Breath easy people. Jar Jar Binks WON'T be appearing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Filmmakers and cast alike have thus far been very coy about what is and isn't in the new movie but in a recent news conference, producer Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that at least one thing won't be in The Force Awakens. 

"Jar Jar is definitely not in the movie." she said to applause and cheers from fans in attendance. 

Some fans might be bemused that Kennedy even had to confirm that as thus far there's been no sight of the bumbling Gungan who was once voted the most annoying movie character of all time. The actor who played the character in the prequels, Ahmed Best, participated in a Reddit AMA two years ago and confirmed that he had not been approached by JJ Abrams about being in the new trilogy of Star Wars movies. 

For most, that coupled with the fact that there had been zero news reports to the contrary would have been enough, but a recently emerged fan theory about Jar Jar actually being the Sith Lord mastermind behind Emperor Palpatine (seriously) has got fans talking which is why Kennedy probably felt the need to shut the rumours down now. 

So, in case you needed another reason to be excited about The Force Awakens, here it is. 

Via The Guardian