'Star Wars', right from the very beginning, has been considered a space opera so the idea of meshing that with kabuki feels like a weirdly natural fit.

After all, Darth Vader's armour was inspired in part by samurai armour. Not only that, the basic structure of 'A New Hope' was taken from Akira Kurosawa's 'The Hidden Fortress', a Japanese adventure movie which follows a defeated general who escorts a princess across enemy territory with the help of two peasants. George Lucas, in frequent interviews, acknowledged that 'The Hidden Fortress' was a major influence on 'A New Hope', too.

Anyway, Disney Japan livestreamed a kabuki theatre performance of 'Star Wars Kabuki-Rennosuke and the Three Light Sabers', which is an amalgamation of the Skywalker saga to date and told with kabuki actors and the like. It's a pretty fascinating watch, and even if you can't understand Japanese, the visuals and the music are definitely worth your time. Plus, if you've seen 'The Force Awakens', 'The Last Jedi' and the original trilogy, you can get the general gist of what's happening.

Take a look.