Alden Ehrenreich already sounds like the name of a 'Star Wars' character, mostly because we're not really sure how to pronounce it, so he's a perfect fit.

Sad news for Jack Reynor and great news for relative newcomer Alden Ehrenreich today as he is all but confirmed to be the newer, younger Han Solo in the 'Star Wars' spinoff that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will direct for Lucasfilm.

According to The Wrap, Ehrenreich has beaten the likes of Reynor, Miles Teller, Emory Cohen and Taron Egerton to land the role and is in the final stages of negotiating the deal.

If you're wondering why his face is familiar, he's had a significant body of work already, appearing in 'Blue Jasmine', 'Stoker' and 'Beautiful Creatures' amongst other films but it was his scene-stealing performance in the Coen brothers' 'Hail, Caeser!' that really cemented his status.

We'll forgive him for being a good four inches shorter than Harrison Ford because the casting is just so good and we know he has the acting chops to bring all the gravitas and charisma to the role that's required. Get used to seeing his face everywhere come Christmas next year when the Star Wars press machine kicks in for him.

There's no plot details yet as the film isn't slated for release until May 2018 but we do know that Miller is excited to get started.