We're now 430 days - as of writing - away from Star Wars: Episode VIII.

That's a year and a day after the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While we've seen plenty of teaser spots, international trailers and ropey posters for Rogue One, there's been precious little official information about Episode VIII. That, of course, is the way we like it.

The less information, the more mysterious the production is and the less we know going in. Once Rogue One has been released and given a few months to settle, more information will obviously come out about Episode VIII, but for now, we're at nothing. However, a report from fansite StarWarsNews.net says that we might be seeing something sooner rather than later about Episode VIII.

The report says that the first trailer for the film will be attached to Marvel's Doctor Strange when it goes on release in Russia on October 28th. As we know, Doctor Strange's Irish release date is October 25th - one day before Russia - which means it's quite possible Irish fans will get a chance to see the trailer for Episode VIII before anyone else.

We've contacted Disney Ireland for comment on the subject, but they had no answer for us.


Via StarWarsNews.net