Online reports surfaced earlier today suggesting that Star Wars: Episode VIII is set to add another Irish location to its shooting list.

It's been rumoured - although not officially confirmed - that Cork's English Market will be used for filming scenes for Episode VIII later this year. Already, Cork's Brow Head and Kerry's Ceann Sibeal have been confirmed as sites for filming.

The shoot is rumoured to take place in the final weekend of April, with reports suggesting that traders in the English Market will be compensated for their loss of earnings and may even be used as background extras in the shoot itself.

It's also been speculated that the English Market will be used as the interior scenes for exterior shots that have taken place in Dubrovnik, Croatia. In the meantime, we've contacted Disney / Lucasfilm for an official confirmation and comment on the report, but, yeah, looks like the Rebel Alliance will be hanging out in the Rebel county.

UPDATE: Yeah, it was an April Fool's Joke. Thanks for that, Good job.



Header Image via Wikimedia