This latest deepfake is definitely one 'Star Wars' fans can fawn over.

Created by YouTube user Shamook, it involves the 2018 spin-off movie 'Solo: A Star Wars Story.'

The project was something of a disaster. It had to change directors - from Phil Lord and Chris Miller to Ron Howard - mid-shooting.

Once it hit theatres, it barely earned back its budget, making $393.2 million worldwide.

It was the lowest-grossing live-action film in the 'Star Wars' franchise; which isn't great particularly given it went way over budget and became one of the most expensive movies ever made.

Its failure meant Lucasfilm effectively lost interest in making spin-off films from the canon. Now its focus is on TV series like 'The Mandalorian'.

Still, there are a lot of 'Star Wars' fans who have revisited the movie since its release two years ago and realise, maybe it got a worse rap than it deserved.

Alden Ehrenreich delivered a decent performance as the legendary Han Solo. But what if the original actor, Harrison Ford, had made his way into the movie?

That's just what this fan-made deepfake imagines. As most of these re-edits tend to be, it's weird looking. But also kind of fascinating, to be fair.